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Psychiatry 3rd Edition PDF

Psychiatry 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Psychiatry 3rd Edition PDF

Psychiatry is the field of medicine that concerns itself with those illnesses that have emotional or behavioral manifestations. Psychiatric illnesses are extremely common and exact a great personal and social cost in disability, suffering, and even death. This book is intended as an introductory text that prepares medical students, physicians, and other health professionals for the clinical task of working with psychiatric patients. As such, it emphasizes recognition and assessment of psychiatric illness. The text’s clinical orientation is equally well suited for medical students during their preclinical introduction to psychiatry course and core psychiatry clerkship, as well as nonpsychiatric physicians, psychiatric residents, and other health professionals who work with patients with psychiatric disorders, including psychologists, social workers, nurses, and occupational therapists. Patients with emotional and behavioral difficulties are often discouraged from seeking help by the stigma that they, their families, and even physicians tend to attach to psychiatric illnesses. All health care providers should be sensitive to the shame that patients with psychiatric problems may have.
Being well informed about the signs and symptoms of the most common psychiatric disorders improves the physician’s chances of recognizing these disorders in patients. Familiarity with the course and prognosis of these conditions enhances the ability to refer patients for appropriate treatment and to complete the first step in the referral process, which is frequently education and reassurance. The first two chapters in the book provide a framework for the evaluation of psychiatric patients, focusing on clinical assessment and the psychiatric interview. These chapters demonstrate how to obtain and synthesize clinical data and generate an appropriate differential diagnosis and treatment plan. Subsequent chapters cover the major psychiatric disorders; the special topics of suicide, violence, and the medically ill patient; and an overview of the stages of child, adolescent, and adult development. An additional chapter is devoted to the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents. The book concludes with chapters covering pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy.


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