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101 Ct Abdomen Solutions 1st Edition PDF Free Download
101 Ct Abdomen Solutions 1st Edition PDF

The huge response received following the publication of 101 Chest X-ray Solutions and 101 MRI Brain Solutions, prompted us to develop on 101 CT Abdomen Solutions, which will hopefully be equally accepted by the readers. It provides a large bank of CT images on abdomen with cases seen in routine practice to more difficult cases of interest. With these images in mind, it will help the CT practitioner to interpret the possible diagnosis on abdominal CT during routine reporting practice. It will be an ideal reference for anyone involved with CT image interpretation. In many images, small arrow point is used to show the lesion. This is with an aim to provide better understanding for the reader. The importance of having a good knowledge of anatomy cannot be undermined and this has guided us to include a chapter on normal anatomy of Abdomen on CT imaging. The book is meant for radiology residents, radiologists, general practitioners, other specialists, CT technical staff and those who have a special interest in CT imaging. It is meant for medical colleges and institutional libraries, departmental and CT standalone unit libraries. The book is a compilation of cases developed by unified, consistent and cohesive endeavor of the panel of radiologists at Shrimati Kashibai Navale Medical College, Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Paperback: 350 pages
1 edition (January 31, 2016)
Language: English

Dr. Taimour is a dedicated medical professional and passionate advocate for international medical graduates seeking to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor abroad. With a wealth of experience and firsthand knowledge of the challenges and rewards of this journey, Dr. Harrison is committed to helping aspiring physicians navigate the complex world of medical licensure exams, such as the USMLE and PLAB, and find their path to success in foreign medical practice.

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