2020 PREP Self-Assessment Pediatrics Review and Education Program PDF download

Book Description: (2020 PREP Self-Assessment Pediatrics Review and Education Program PDF)

PREP Self-Assessment is a general pediatrics review program written by experts and trusted by pediatricians for 40 years. It provides practical, clinical content in the form of case-based questions and critiques with detailed explanations of the preferred response, along with a discussion of why other choices were considered incorrect. You can identify your strengths and weakness and areas for targeted study.

A subscription to PREP Self-Assessment, online only, includes:

  • Online access to 240 PREP Self-Assessment questions & critiques
  • MOC & CME Credit

Featuring online tools designed to provide an active, easy to use learning experience including

  • Confidence ratings allows you to create reports by confidence category or by one of the 36 major specialties
  • PREP Pearls summarize key practice points and reduce your final review time. You can use this as a review tool prior to exam or for concentrated areas of study.
  • Practice test and content mapping simulate timed exams based on MOCA-Peds learning objectives or subspecialty categories.
  • MOCA-Peds content dashboard: Points to 3 years of content that is relevant to the 2020 American Board of Pediatrics MOCA-Peds objectives.
  • Practice test module that gives access to bonus MOCA-Peds content and allows you to customize the allocated time per question.
  • Content search with robust topic search and bookmarking allowing you to quickly find the topics you need to refer back.
  • Email and Text message alerts deliver content to your phone or inbox on the schedule you choose, daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Pediatrics in Review includes teaching slides organized by body system available at pedsinreview.org
  • MOC points transfer to the ABP on completion

Customizable features for MOCA-Peds participants include:

  • Easily identify questions associated with MOCA-Peds learning objectives
  • Fully customizable timed practice test with bonus MOCA-Peds questions
  • Find Pediatrics in Review articles based on the MOCA-Peds learning objectives.

Topics include:

  • Managing patients with severe sprains
  • Describing when and how to place an intraosseous needle
  • Identifying complications related to opioid abuse
  • Recognizing symptoms indicative of obstructive sleep apnea
  • Implementing new recommendations for patients with a sports-related concussion
2020 PREP Self-Assessment Pediatrics Review and Education Program PDF

2020 PREP Self-Assessment Pediatrics Review and Education Program PDF Free Download

About the Authors/Authors Notes :

PREP Self-Assessment Editorial Board

Roger L. Berkow, MD, FAAP; Susan Guralnick, MD, FAAP; Rebecca L. Carl, MD, MS, FAAP; Teresa K. Duryea, MD, FAAP; Jonathan D. Fish, MD, FAAP; Margaret F. Guill, MD, FAAP; Gaurav Kapur, MD, FAAP; Daniel P. Krowchuk, MD, FAAP; Ilse Larson, MD, FAAP; M. Susan LaTuga, MD, MSPH, FAAP; Yi Hui Liu, MD, MPH, FAAP; Lucila Marquez, MD, MPH, FAAP; Mary Eileen McBride, MD, MEd,FAAP; Kimberly Montez, MD, MPH, FAAP; Denise Morita, MD, FAAP; Heather Needham, MD, MPH, FAAP; L Kristin Parsley, MD, FAAP, FACMG; Jerri A. Rose, MD, FAAP; Ajit Sarnaik, MD, FAAP; Avinash K. Shetty, MD, FAAP; Jillian Sullivan, MD, MSCS, FAAP; Jeanne Marie Van Cleave, MD, FAAP; Karen S. Vogt, MD, FAAP

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Language: English
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