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This volume’s chapters provide the most recent advancements in biology and medicine. The first chapter discusses the role of oxidative stress in both health and disease, as well as the effects of both traditional and novel antioxidants. In Chapter Two, the impact of Urban Heat Island (UHI) on health issues in humans is investigated using big data analysis. A review of the literature on the relationships between sedentary behavior and health-related outcomes in Japan is presented in Chapter 3. In Chapter Four, management strategies for non-specific chronic low back pain are reviewed and assessed. The mythology surrounding scleroderma is examined in Chapter 5. The potential protective mechanisms of 5-HT and its metabolites against oxidative stress caused by animal venoms are reviewed in Chapter 6. The effects of salicylic acid (SA) and the broad bean true mosaic virus (BBTMV) on the concentrations of photosynthetic pigments, total phenolic content, protein contents, and yield of broad bean cultivars that are susceptible and tolerant are the main topics of Chapter 7. The photochemical (photooxidative) activity of xanthone and the protective effect of xanthone derivatives against photosensitized DNA damage are reviewed in Chapter 8. Volume 112 PDF of Advances in Medicine and Biology

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