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Australian Medical Council Exam (AMC) is medical evaluation test for Australia.  If you want to practice medicine in Australia, you have to pass the AMC examination along with IELTS or TOEFL. The AMC exam consists of two types of test:

  • Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)
  • The AMC Clinical Examination.

Unfortunately, there is not a single center in Pakistan which conducts this exam. You have to go to Dubai or Singapore for your test. This evaluation test is set to examine your Clinical knowledge, attitudes, and your communication skills with patients and their families.

Table of Contents


Medical students and trainees must possess an understanding of basic surgical principles, knowledge of specific surgical conditions, be able to perform a few basic procedures and be part of a multidisciplinary team that manages the patient in totality. Students must also be aware of the rapid developments in technology and basic sciences and understand where these developments impinge on surgical practice.
The Textbook of Surgery is intended to supply this information, which is especially relevant given current surgical curriculum for undergraduates. Each topic is written by an expert in the field from his own wisdom and experience. All contributors have been carefully chosen from the Australasian region for their authoritative expertise and personal involvement in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.
In this textbook we have approached surgery from a practical viewpoint while emphasising the relevance of basic surgical principles. We have attempted to cover most aspects of general surgery and selected topics of specialty surgery, including cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, orthopaedic surgery and urology. Principles that underlie the assessment, care and treatment of surgical patients are outlined, followed by sections on various surgical disorders. The final section presents a practical problem-solving approach to the diagnosis and management of common surgical conditions. In clinical practice, patients present with symptoms and signs to the surgeon who then has to formulate care plans, using such a problem-solving approach. This textbook provides a good grounding for students in surgical diseases, problems and management. Apart from forming the core curriculum for medical students, surgical trainees will also find the Textbook of Surgery beneficial in their studies and their practice.
With ever-expanding medical knowledge, a core amount of instructive and up-to-date information is presented in a concise fashion. Important leading references of classic publications or up-to-date literature have been provided. It is our aim that this textbook will stimulate students to refer to appropriate reviews and publications for further details in specific subjects.
We have presented the textbook in an attractive and easily readable format by extensive use of tables, boxes and illustrations. We hope that this edition will continue to be valuable to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students of surgery, and for general practitioners and physicians as a useful summary of surgery.

About the Book

AMC anthology of the medical condition is not only to assist international medical graduates but also this book has been proven an essential tool in the clinical field. This book features over 130 clinical scenarios with a diagnosis and management plan which make it easier for students to prepare.

One preparing for AMC must know about the laws, ethics, and tradition of a society in which he is going to practice medicine. this book has a separate section which covers topic like these and helps students to understand the atmosphere. This book is highly recommended by Australian medical board for AMC MCQ’s exam and clinical examination.

So this all about the book and we hope you guys get some benefit and succeed in your exams.

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