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Andrews’ Diseases of the Skin Clinical Atlas PDF

It is our pleasure to bring to you this atlas of skin disorders. We are hopeful that by seeing this wide array of images you may better recognize and diagnose skin conditions in your own patients. If our efforts result in a better outcome of one patient, then this was worthwhile. Our atlas is an accompanying volume to Andrews’ Diseases of the Skin. The chapters and entities follow the organization of our Andrews’ text, making explanatory text unnecessary, allowing you to simply enjoy the superior photographs in an uncluttered fashion. Dermatologic diagnostic abilities are learned through repetitive exposures to patient presentations. The present volume of over 3000 pictures, combined with the main textbook, will be an outstanding resource to learn the depth and breadth of our specialty. The three authors have benefitted by spending a combined 50 years in academic medicine, taking photographs along the journey. Additionally the resources of our institutions and many friends made this a book that allows a stunning array and variety of presentations to be represented. Bill James recognizes Richard Odom, MD, my teaching chief, who allowed myself and fellow resident Robert Horn to make copies of his best slides. Tim Berger has shared photographs from his experiences at the University of California at San Francisco. The faculty and residents at both Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the University of Pennsylvania have also generously shared their expertise. Dirk thanks those members of Brooke Army Medical Center who have contributed to the image collection in San Antonio, as well as the faculty and residents at the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine. Finally, Pat wishes to gratefully recognize that the considerable resources of Drs. Paul Honig and Walter Tunnessen’s personal collections were made fully available. Additionally, the combined image database of the current pediatric dermatology faculty at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (Albert Yan, MD; James Treat, MD; Leslie, Castelo, MD; Melinda Jen, MD; and Marissa Perman, MD) was utilized to enhance this atlas considerably. Finally, James Fitzpatrick, MD, also generously shared photographs taken by the faculty and staff of Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center.

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