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Approach to Practical Pediatrics 2nd Edition PDF

You can score 75% marks by reading just 25% but the question is which 25%. It is with the concept of finding this 25% that this book was written. I have written, what I would have loved to read as an undergraduate and postgraduate student in pediatrics. This book reflects a simplified approach to clinical cases in pediatrics. New chapters packed with information and practical tips have been added on Anthropometry, Health Indicators, High-risk Newborns, and Leukemia. Detailed and updated information have been added about asthma devices in chapter on Instruments while vaccine controversies and newer vaccines have been discussed in chapter on Immunization. This book also covers new ground about differential diagnosis of hepatosplenomegaly, management of thalassemia and simplified approach to paraplegia. Chapter on Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM) includes recent IAP/WHO guidelines on management of severely malnourished child while chapter on Cardiovascular System includes simplified approach for diagnosis of congenital heart diseases (CHD), recent guidelines on management of CHD and rheumatic heart disease in children. This book is an outcome of my personal difficulties encountered during case presentations. I hope this book helps readers to achieve my goal of learning maximum without wasting time in searching answers from different sources. This text approaches diagnosis the way clinicians do—by symptom rather than disease entity. There is no well-structured or standardized textbook on Practical Pediatrics. Practical material of pediatrics is often scanty and theoretical.
It is in this background that I decided to translate the agreed contents of bedside clinics in pediatrics into an easily readable material. It combines clinical experience and evidencebased strategies to guide clinicians through differential diagnoses and then to a specific diagnosis, then to appropriate therapy for common pediatric ailments. Special skills required in taking Birth history/Dietary history/Developmental history/Immunization history are discussed in separate chapters. The book covers much new ground and reflects the approach of pediatrics while taking clinical cases. Chapters on Antibiotic Therapy/Legal Aspects/Newer Guidelines of American Academy of Pediatrics—2005 for neonatal resuscitation have been written keeping in mind the needs of postgraduates while chapters like Instruments/Drug Therapy/Various Cases have been written keeping in mind both postgraduates and undergraduates. This book is an outcome of personal experience and is a vital presentation from which a student can learn maximum without wasting time in searching answers from different books. It is the next best thing to attending ward teaching rounds!

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