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The fundamental core knowledge of general surgery remains the cornerstone of all surgical disciplines. Over the last decades, we have witnessed a proliferation of surgical specialties. The majority of graduating residents elect to pursue additional training in highly specialized fi elds of surgery. However, a sound foundation in general surgical techniques and principles is critical for success in these areas. Therefore, an atlas describing common general surgical procedures in a clear and concise fashion is an essential complement to current surgical textbooks to ensure that the student not only “learns how” but, most importantly, “knows how.” With that said, putting together a surgical atlas is a daunting challenge. Coordinating schedules of busy surgeons and medical illustrators is, at times, akin to herding cats. So, why expend the time and effort to put this together? For one, we have been privileged to edit the Sabiston Textbook of Surgery for the last three editions. This text provides a comprehensive compendium on the physiology, diagnosis, and treatment of surgical diseases, yet we are limited in the ability to describe the operative procedures in any detail. A good textbook must provide the basic knowledge to ensure that the student “learns” the material. However, it is vastly different from an atlas which teaches the student “how.” Textbooks that have tried to be a comprehensive text as well as an atlas have usually failed on both accounts. Therefore, this surgical atlas series provides an important and necessary complement to the Sabiston Textbook of Surgery (Saunders). The illustrations have been meticulously drawn by medical illustrators who share the same philosophy of art design. Illustrations are drawn in detail from the perspective of the operating surgeon, yet the drawings are simple enough that the reader is not distracted with extraneous colors or overly complicated design.

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