Back Pain – A Movement Problem PDF download

Back Pain – A Movement Problem PDF Free Download
Back Pain - A Movement Problem PDF

In common parlance the spinal column is often referred to as the ‘backbone’. ‘Back pain’ has generally come to mean that of the low back but can infer pain occurring anywhere between the shoulders and the bottom. This book about back pain and movement considers that the whole spine functions as an integrated system. Extending from the head to the tail bone, changed function in one region of the spinal column will be reflected in adaptations in other regions as their functioning is interdependent. Local spinal pain and related syndromes may not necessarily be the result of changed local function but result from a more widespread dysfunction. Back pain science is becoming an enormous body of work, in particular that pertaining to the low back. More recently, cervical spine disorders are also attracting much more research interest. Increasingly, because of the exciting advances being made in motor control and pain research, there is a diagnosis and management shift from considering that certain pathological anatomical structures are responsible for ‘back pain’ to a more dynamic systems approach which sees that it is a variable pathophysiology in the interdependent functioning of the neuro musculoskeletal systems which is implicated in most spinal pain disorders. That changes in the underlying ‘functional mechanisms’ such as the control of movement drive the pain disorder which will in turn, influence the bio-psycho-social health of the individual. This book chooses to focus more upon the aspect of back pain and movement. It attempts to explore and enhance the understanding of healthy movement control of the spine in Chapters 3, 4, 5 & 6; and in the subsequent chapters, the related changes in movement function that are evident in those with spinal pain disorders. Philosophically, an enhanced understanding enables the clinician and movement therapist to better identify the abnormal features and posturomovement

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Back Pain – A Movement Problem Free Download ,Back Pain – A Movement Problem Ebook ,Back Pain – A Movement Problem Free

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