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Basic Guide to Dental Radiography PDF

A massive thank you is due to my wife and two young children for putting up with the hours I have spent, effectively, an absent husband and father while putting together this text. They have missed me and put up with it in good grace; the advantage of being able to quietly get on with the work has been a blessing although there were times that I would have welcomed an interruption. Also many additional thanks to my wife for allowing me to take and to publish a number of photographs of her in less than flattering circumstances (film holders in position). From my past I must thank Mr R. F. Farr and Dr Chacket, both formerly of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. Also Mr John Ball, sadly no longer with us; he was formerly Deputy Principal of the Dudley Road School of Radiography.
The three of them together must form what is probably the greatest physics teaching team ever. Whatever understanding I have of the physics, geometry and theories of imaging in radiography comes largely from their teaching. Lastly, Mr Brian Murphy, formerly Principal of the Dudley Road School of Radiography; he was possessed of the greatest breadth of knowledge of radiography that I have ever encountered. Like John Ball, Brian is no longer with us but will always be remembered; he was a great teacher, mentor and in later years a very good friend. The career that I built was through his example and his guidance; I owe him much and he will not be forgotten. These four together have provided the vast bulk of the information contained within these pages.

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