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This book is a very comprehensive review of all major topics in cardiology with an intention to help those preparing for initial and recertification exams in cardiology and those who want to review cardiology in an easy-to-do fashion. It is a compilation of over 1300 questions encompassing all the topics in cardiology. This has been edited by an internationally acclaimed teaching physician with an expertise in all aspects of cardiology. The book is organized in a question-and-answer format and is divided into easy-tofollow chapters related to different areas of cardiovascular medicine. The answers are explained in detail and are accompanied by references to major trials in cardiology and guidelines, and some clinical pearls where applicable. The explanations are clear and evidence based. The book highlights a special section on electrocardiograms which are of high resolution. The answers to the questions are given in depth, which will allow the examinees to prepare for this section and take the exam with greater confidence as this section is scored separately from the main exam. The chapters on imaging have questions relating to chest X-ray, cardiac computed tomography, echo, stress echo, cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear stress testing, and so on. The book also deals with questions relating to topics not usually encountered in similar books: for example, racial disparities inmedicine, cardiac emergencies, and so on. The book also facilitates critical review of cardiovascular medicine to enhance one’s diagnostic and therapeutic skills.

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