Cardiovascular Physiology 11th Edition PDF download

Cardiovascular Physiology 11th Edition PDF Free Download
Cardiovascular Physiology 11th Edition PDF

We believe that physiology is the backbone of clinical medicine. In the clinic, the emergency room, the intensive care unit, or the surgical suite, physiological principles are the basis for action. But we also find great intellectual satisfaction in the science of physiology as the means to explain the elegant mechanisms of our bodies. In the eleventh edition of Berne and Levy’s classic monograph on cardiovascular physiology, we have tried to convey both ideas. Physiology serves as a foundation that students of medicine must comprehend before they can understand the derangements caused by pathology. This text of cardiovascular physiology emphasizes general concepts and regulatory mechanisms. To present the various regulatory mechanisms clearly, the component parts of the system are first discussed individually. Then, the last chapter describes how various individual components of the cardiovascular system are coordinated. The examples describe how the body responds to two important stresses—exercise and hemorrhage. Selected pathophysiological examples of abnormal function are included to illustrate and clarify normal physiological processes. These examples are distributed throughout the text and are identified by colored boxes with the heading “Clinical Box.” The text incorporates the learning objectives for cardiovascular physiology of the American Physiological Society, except for hemostasis and coagulation. These last-named topics are found in hematology books. The book has been updated and revised extensively. The relation between pressure–volume loops and cardiac function curves, newer aspects of endothelium function, myocardial metabolism and its relation to oxygen consumption and cardiac energetics, and the regulation of peripheral, cerebral, and coronary blood flows have received particular emphasis. The theory of cardiac excitation–contraction coupling has been extensively updated, particularly with respect to new understanding of the roles of intracellular calcium ions. Whenever available, physiological data from humans have been included. Some old figures have been deleted and many new figures have been added to aid comprehension of the text. Selected references appear at the end of each chapter. The scientific articles included were chosen for their depth, clarity, and appropriateness. Throughout the book, italics are used to emphasize important facts and concepts, and boldface type is used for new terms and definitions. Each chapter begins with a list of objectives and ends with a summary to highlight key points. Case histories with multiple-choice questions are provided to help in review and to indicate clinical relevance of the material. The correct answers and brief explanations for them appear in Appendix A. A comprehensive review examination, with explanations of the correct answers, has been added as Appendix B.

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