Clinical Examination Skills in Paediatrics PDF download

Clinical Examination Skills in Paediatrics PDF Free Download
Clinical Examination Skills in Paediatrics PDF

This book and the accompanying companion website have been produced to aid MRCPCH students, but we hope that they will be a useful teaching and learning tool for any practitioner of paediatrics. The opportunity and privilege to work with children and their families, together with colleagues who are committed to providing quality care, is something that one simply cannot put a value on. The excitement of realising this ambition, and becoming immersed in an incredibly intellectually rigorous and stimulating environment, inevitably promotes the desire to share knowledge with others. Teaching and learning are complex processes, and the variety of skills used and resources available sometimes seem overwhelming to students. We feel, however, that face‐to‐face consultation and examination remain the bedrock of clinical examination, and are the fundamental skills required to practise medicine. Students of paediatrics, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, medical or allied professional, general practitioner, general paediatrician, or system specialist, relate to patients by learning clinical examination techniques. Once the concepts are grasped by observing and practising oneself, the rewards of resolving clinical problems are legion. Self‐criticism and formal examination are paramount in the maintenance of standards and accountability; however, the main purpose of producing this resource is to share with you the expertise that specialist paediatricians use in their day‐to‐day practice, and also the fun and joy they experience in so doing.

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