Current Concepts of Sleep Apnea Surgery PDF download

Current Concepts of Sleep Apnea Surgery PDF Free Download
Current Concepts of Sleep Apnea Surgery PDF

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is one of the most frequent and common diseases all over the globe. In 1981, both continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) were introduced in the treatment of OSA. That year marked the birth of modern sleep medicine. We have since learnt a lot about the pathophysiology of OSA. Today, there is a variety of treatment modalities for OSA, snoring and related disturbances including conservative (i.e., diet, behavior therapy, positional treatments), medical device treatment (i.e., oral devices, CPAP), and operative treatments. After a period that was characterized by the search for the optimal single treatment, we today know that often a combination of different treatment modalities provides the best results. Sleep apnea surgery is a relatively young discipline that is developing rapidly. Surgical procedures aimed to treat sleep apnea need to be selected in awareness of the individual underlying pathology, pathophysiology and anatomy, and severity of the disease, and comorbidities must also be taken into account. The first part of the book is designed to provide the reader with fundamental knowledge about the pathophysiology and diagnosis of OSA and to give a practical approach on how to choose the best treatment(s) for every individual case. The second part concentrates on surgical approaches to treat OSA. Both of us have performed sleep apnea surgery for decades and witnessed, and to a certain extent influenced, the development of sleep apnea surgery for many years. Today, there are too many surgeries or modifications to include in one book. Therefore, we have discussed those techniques that work best in our hands. Leading experts in the field of surgery from all over the world have contributed as coauthors for specific topics and surgical techniques. Of course, there are other modifications of sleep surgeries that might work well or come up in future. However, we are convinced that this book provides a variety of effective surgical treatments that will help successfully treat the biggest part of the clinical cases. The easy-to-read text is accompanied by figures and videos of best quality, and the readers are provided with a variety of solutions for their sleep surgery cases. We very much hope that this book will become a helpful tool in sleep apnea surgery.

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