DC Dutta’s Textbook of Obstetrics 7th Edition PDF

DC Dutta’s Textbook of Obstetrics 7th Edition PDF Free Download

DC Dutta’s Textbook of Obstetrics 7th Edition PDF

It is almost 28 years now since the publication of its first edition that Dutta’s Textbook of Obstetrics continues to provide basic knowledge to medical students, trainee residents, doctors and midwives for improved patient care. It is a great pleasure to see this book come out with international quality in its seventh edition as there was an overwhelming demand for the new thoroughly revised edition of the book in many parts of the world. Dutta’s text is committed to be revised and updated continually. Maximum attention has been paid to update the “core curricula” that impart fundamental knowledge, learning and skill. In view of expanding knowledge of molecular biology, genetics, imaging and other diagnostic modalities, major changes have been incorporated in all the chapters of the current edition. New management options are also discussed. Object of the text is to provide a current cutting edge information which is again easy to read, understand, and above all will be based on evidence. This seventh edition of DC Dutta’s widely acclaimed comprehensive textbook of obstetrics has come up in a fully colored format. It is profusely illustrated with 407 full colored line drawings, photographs and sketches.
The special attractions of this text like summary boxes, tables, algorithms are for easy understanding and reproducibility. The key points at the end of each chapter is for quick revision without referring to the text. The uniqueness of this text lies in its presentation style which is simple, clear and concise. The language throughout the text has been kept lucid and unambiguous. Medical advances upto the time of publication have been incorporated. Recent research has necessitated major changes in all the chapters in the text. Few chapters have been exhaustively updated while some have been completely rewritten. Operative obstetrics (chapter 36) has been thoroughly updated and amply illustrated for easy learning of common obstetric operations and skills. The chapter on practical obstetrics (chapter 41) has been rewritten considering the importance of practical obstetrics. This chapter has been enriched with numerous (51) high quality photographs covering instruments, specimens, drugs and plates of imaging studies. There are several hundreds of model questions with answers and explanations. This chapter is to help the students while preparing for the clinical and viva voce part of the examination. In fact the total information given in chapter 41, amounts to a “mini textbook-cum-color atlas” on obstetrics.

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