Dermoscopy Criteria Review 1st Edition PDF download

Dermoscopy Criteria Review 1st Edition PDF Free Download
Dermoscopy Criteria Review 1st Edition PDF

The tenn dermoscopy derives from two basic Greek words: derma, meaning “skin,”‘ and skopeo. meaning “‘to look or see:’ As you are likely aheady aware, however, the science and practice of dermoscopy involve so much more than simply “looking at skin:” Indeed dermoscopy, which is also called dermatoscopy, has evolved a sort of language all its own. As you will soon learn in the coming chapters, there is a wealth of terms, each important to the practice of dermoscopy, with their own specific meanings and even subtle connotations depending on a given lesion. As with any language, a fluent understanding of the meaning of these terms is essential to becoming a proper speaker. To this end, Chapter 1, “Dermoscopy from A to z … will be your starting point for a comprehensive overview of the basic terminology and concepts of dennoscopy. For example, it is here where you will be introduced to the essential principles of pattern analysis and the “‘two-step algorithm:’ This will serve as your basic approach when analyzing a lesion, such as differentiating melanocytic from nonmelanocytic. Next, and arguably the most critical part of the book, is Chapter 2, “‘Comprehensive Dermoscopy Criteria Review.’” In this chapter, representative images and detailed explanations will guide you as you learn the language of dennoscopy. Although the task may be initially daunting, through study, practice, and dedication you will overcome a steep lea.ming curve to master the techniques and language of dermoscopy. Our goal in writing this book has been to teach you the language and key principles of dermoscopy. Through the use of extensive clinical and dermoscopic images along with detailed explanations and diagnostic clues, you will have the opportunity to self-assess your knowledge and skills as you study. In our era of information overload, we have endeavored to design this book to be short. sweet, and to the point. We hope that you will fmd it to be an easy, enjoyable, and practical read. Important principles are often repeated in an effort to make them familiar and more easily remembered.

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Paperback: 336 pages
1 edition (September 13, 2019)
Language: English

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