Diabetes Care A Practical Manual 2nd Edition PDF

Diabetes Care A Practical Manual 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Diabetes Care A Practical Manual 2nd Edition PDF

Who is this book for?
• All health care staff in any discipline, e.g. doctors, nurses, dietitians, podiatrists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists, pharmacists, health care assistants, medical secretaries, managers and care planners, and others • Primary, community, secondary, NHS, or private care services • Are you a person with diabetes who wants to learn more, or a family member of a person with diabetes? This book is written for health staff but many patients will find it of interest For example: • Do you see people with diabetes? • Are you a GP or practice nurse working in primary care running your own diabetic clinic? • Do people with diabetes ask for your advice? • Are you a diabetologist or a GP with a special interest in diabetes who teaches other staff about diabetes? • Are you a nurse working in A&E?
• Are you working on a hospital ward or clinic caring for diabetic patients—often or sometimes? • Are you a doctor admitting emergency patients? • Have you just started work with a diabetes team in a hospital? • Are you a student of medicine, nursing, dietetics, podiatry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, biochemistry? Diabetes Diabetes is a common long-term condition. Some numbers for 2012/2013: • The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimated that there were 382 million people with diabetes worldwide • Half were undiagnosed • 56 million live in Europe, 20 million undiagnosed • 3.2 million live in the UK • 15 % of UK hospital beds occupied by people with diabetes • Primary care prescriptions for glucose-lowering drugs in England cost £764 million • Nationally total UK expenditure on people with diabetes has been estimated at ~ 10 % of national health expenditure • Diabetes prevalence rises every year in every country • Where 2013–14 information is available, numbers have already increased

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