Fractures of the Hand and Carpus 1st Edition PDF download

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Fractures of the Hand and Carpus 1st Edition PDF : FESSH 2018 Instructional Course Book Free Download
Fractures of the Hand and Carpus 1st Edition PDF

This year’s Instructional Course “Fractures of the Hand and Carpus” for the XXIII congress of the FESSH is possible thanks to the contributions of a number of prominent experts, to whom we are deeply indebted. The accompanying book is a comprehensive summary of the current state of the art of the management of hand fractures. The book consists of a number of chapters, which include anatomy and general principles as well as a variety of techniques for the management of specific fractures. It will become evident that more than one approach may be applicable for any given situation. This may range from nonoperative methods such as splint or cast immobilization to percutaneous pin fixation, external and internal fixation. The most appropriate method for any given case will depend on the available evidence and the surgeon’s personal experience as well as individual patient considerations. The emphasis in each case is on regaining anatomical alignment and a functional finger range of motion. In some cases, a less than perfect alignment may be sacrificed at the expense of optimizing hand function. An early and aggressive postoperative hand therapy program is often integral to the final outcome in many cases and cannot be overemphasized. Although any opinions expressed in this book should not be considered as the official guidelines of the FESSH, we are certain that this book will be useful for both the entry level surgeon and the experienced operator. We hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed producing it.

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Print Length: 290 pages
1 edition (March 26, 2018)
Language: English

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