Harper’s Practical Genetic Counselling 8th Edition PDF download

Harper’s Practical Genetic Counselling 8th Edition PDF Free Download
Harper’s Practical Genetic Counselling 8th Edition PDF

This book, the creation of Peter Harper, has filled a valuable role over four decades in Britain and around the world. I very much hope that this revised edition will continue this into the era of genomic approaches to genetic diagnostics. When revising Harper’s Practical Genetic Counselling, I had three target audiences in mind: 1. Healthcare practitioners, working across the full spread of medicine, who may wish to appreciate what a referral to a medical genetics service entails and to understand the place of genetic investigations when such a diagnosis is suspected. I hope this volume may support the interested practitioner in that crucial first step of discussing cases and questions with the clinical geneticists and genetic counsellors in their local genetics service. If so, this volume will then have succeeded in promoting the appropriate mainstreaming of genetics into the rest of medicine. 2. Healthcare professionals training to work as specialists within a medical genetics service, as clinical geneticists or genetic counsellors. This book aspires to provide an initial orientation to the field and help students to gain familiarity both with the ‘medical facts’ of a condition and, to some extent, with the emotions that arise in this context. 3. Medical and nursing practitioners who wish to understand enough about clinical aspects of genetics to provide a basic level of genetic information and appropriate support to their patients and their patients’ families. This is especially important for those working in settings where a referral to a genetics specialist is not readily available. Let us hope that this eighth edition of this book will enable it to meet the needs of these three groups of practitioners and students as we approach the third decade of the third millennium!

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Paperback: 542 pages
8 edition (October 15, 2019)
Language: English

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