How To Ace Your coding interview questions

At one point in every coder life, you ought to give an interview. Coding interviews are a different form of interviews in other fields. There are a lot of problem-solving and thinking on your toes. In this article, I have tried to explain just how to ace your coding interview.

Here are some steps that you can take to improve your chances with the interview

Be Prepared for coding interview questions

The first and most crucial step is to be prepared. Learn online and read books to solve problem sets. Read about sample questions online you can find many just by googling. I would recommend that you should answer interview questions from tech giants like Google and Facebook.

Practice Practice Practice

Take all your theoretical knowledge and put it to practice. Take one problem and try to solve it in different ways; for example, take a bubble sort algorithm and try to implement it with a linked list. Go on to sites like Hacker Rank and practice their problems.

Take Help from a friend

Ask your, coder friend, to come up with a series of question and asked you in a practice interview. Make sure to time you to interview and try to do it a little bit faster each time.

Keep Calm during a coding interview

This is important to try to keep calm and stay positive. Is not like that people get nervous they do but try to overcome it? Go in there like you own the place. I read a study in which scientist found out that lifting your arms and screaming can help in nerves situations.

If you are planning to do it make sure you find a private place.

Take a Good Night Sleep

Nobody runs a day before a marathon. Take a good night sleep a day before Sleeping 8 Hours a night can improve cognitive functions and improve mood also helps you make better decisions.


This goes without saying the benefits of exercise are tremendous. There are books written only on this subject. Exercise not only helps improve your body but also improve your cognitive abilities. There are a lot of studies to back that up.

Now i don’t expect you to become a fitness freak but some exercise will do.

Recommended Books and Courses

Here is the hands down the best books on coding interviews you will find.

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