Inderbir Singh’s Textbook of Human Histology 7th Edition PDF

Inderbir Singh’s Textbook of Human Histology 7th Edition PDF Free Download

Inderbir Singh’s Textbook of Human Histology 7th Edition PDF

Textbook of Human Histology by Professor Inderbir Singh has remained an authoritative and standard textbook for the past many decades and it is our proud privilege to revise this book and bring out the 7th edition. The strength and popularity of this textbook has been its simple language and comprehensiveness that has essentially remained unchanged since its inception. Professor Singh’s eye for details and his meticulous writing style has always been popular amongst the generations of medical students. Although all the chapters have been revisited and thoroughly revised, we have taken special care to retain the basic essence of the book. To make this standard textbook fulfill the needs of today’s generation of students, some new features have been introduced in this edition. A new chapter on Light Microscopy and Tissue Preparation has been added to acquaint the students with the basics of histology. Every student of histology is expected to identify the slides and differentiate amongst them in a perfect manner.
To make the students familiar with the various slides, Histological Plates have been added in each chapter that include a photomicrograph, line drawing, and salient features that are visible while examining under the microscope. Each chapter has been rearranged to provide sequential learning to the students. All the diagrams have been redrawn and many new illustrations have been added for easy comprehension of the basic concepts. Clinical and Pathological Correlations have been added at relevant places for creating an interest of the students in the understanding of pathologies associated with various tissues. For providing an overview of histology to the student and for quick recall, an atlas has been provided at the beginning of the book. The atlas includes more than 80 slides of histological importance along with their important features. As envisioned by Professor Inderbir Singh, this textbook is of utmost utility not only for the undergraduate students but also for the students pursuing postgraduation in Anatomy. Keeping this in mind, advanced information on various topics has been included as Added Information to cater to the needs of postgraduate students.

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