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Infectious diseases remain a leading cause of death in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Each year, infections cause more than 200,000 deaths and result in tremendous health care costs. In order to help prevent infectious diseases, people should be aware of the types of infections that are most common and how to protect themselves from them. This article provides an overview of 30 infectious diseases and their symptoms, treatments, and prevention tips.

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Since the release of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) updated Guidelines for Management of Occupational Exposures to Bloodborne Pathogens in April 2001, there have been a number of changes in the way healthcare workers are protected from bloodborne pathogens. One such change is the 30-day window for post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) treatment.

The 30-day window is based on data indicating that most hepatitis B infections occur within 30 days of exposure. However, PEP should still be considered for up to 60 days after exposure, especially if the source patient is known to be infected with hepatitis B or C.

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Infectious Diseases in 30 Days PDF is one of the best medical books for students and professionals on the subject of Infectious Diseases. It is a must download.

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Infectious Diseases in 30 Days PDF

Dr. Fred Southwick is both an expert in Infectious Diseases and a creator of innovative approaches for preventing medical errors that result in patient injuries and deaths. His former wife Mary nearly died as a consequence of distracted care, and delayed treatment, and he lost his leg following an “routine” repair of an Achilles tendon tear. He is both a clinician and a patient who has been harmed by our health delivery systems. Having practiced medicine for over 30 years he has a rich clinical experience and deep insight into how to practice effectively on the front lines of our hospitals and clinics.

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Top reviews

Roodabeh Samimi “was recommended for online exam but some questions remained unanswered… interesting, good read, great transition and chapters, nice for augmentation of I.D.”

VAL ODUENYI “Let it be known that I would have rated this book higher, had it not been for the frequency of its typographical errors. Its editors and/or authors should try and do a better job in subsequent editions. But that apart, this revisional text accomplishes what it was designed to do. The message of this book is simple, precise, and self-explanatory.
Infectious diseases and their etiologic agents are daunting to study or master, and that is where the beauty of this book comes into play. Despite being a revisional text (on its own right), the authors of this book endeavored to include summarized key-points at the end of every topic they discussed. Thus, the book is an impressive blend of patient care and time management tool.
“Infectious Disease in 30 Days” is a time-efficient book, which covered a wide range of diseases. It is self-instructional, and offers illustrative information without beating about the bush. Its guidance ramified epidemiology, diagnostics, pedagogical tools, and in-depth anti-microbial therapeutics. Every chapter of it makes learning seem effortless; although, a number of topics pertaining to fungal diseases were overtly summarized. Overall, it is a good revisional handbook, which students would appreciate and depend on in time-critical periods.”

James Davis “I came across this book randomly in my medical school library and was a bit leary of it because of the title. “XYZ in 30 days” type titles sound hokey to me, but the book itself is anything but.


The main strength of the text is its clear, logical approach in explaining the various infectious disease syndromes. Very straightforward, great summaries of key points every few pages, and insightful, readily understandable diagrams (and good photos). Too many books written for med students present similar material but too heavily from the perspective of basic microbiology (genetics, virulence factors up the ying-yang, research speculations, etc) which is generally NOT useful for medical students (when in excess). We primarily need to know clinical presentation, course of illness, diagnostic criteria, and treatment protocols. For these categories this book is wonderful and hard to beat. It also balances this with the obligatory basic microbiology but it is not in excess and seemingly always clinically relevant.


Justin Reilly “ME is a common and extremely disabling disease that has been known since the 1980s to be associated with retrovirus infection and b cell lymphomas. It deserves more thorough coverage.


There are three sentences devoted to ME (CFS). Claims antivirals are ineffective. This is based on Stephen Straus’ discredited study. Better studies at Stanford and by ME & infectious disease expert Dr. Lerner show significant reductions in morbidity with antivirals. Also states that chronic EBV infection is a serious multi-organ disease that may respond to antivirals. CEBV infection is really just a small subset of ME (CFS) that happened to be triggered by EBV rather than another infection so this is an artificial distinction.”





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