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Key Topics in Neonatology 2nd Edition PDF

Key Topics in Neonatology 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Key Topics in Neonatology 2nd Edition PDF

Neonatology is a relatively new subspecialty in medicine, having largely come into being in the last three decades. This short period has, however, witnessed a dramatic reduction in neonatal mortality, particularly of very small preterm infants, due to the rapid advances in perinatal and neonatal medicine. Many areas of neonatology are still changing as new information becomes available, often leading to new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. Although large formal neonatology textbooks serve as a very useful resource, they soon become dated as new information becomes available. This book aims to provide the reader with a very up-to-date summary of the current concepts and practices in neonatal medicine. The field is covered in a series of selfcontained, easily read topics set in a unique format which encourages the adoption of a problem-based approach ideal for day-to-day clinical practice. Although some topics reflect our personal clinical practice, the systematic approach to each topic is retained.
Reference is made to related topics which allows the reader ready access to the subject matter of their choice unencumbered by extraneous detail. As such, the text is an ideal revision aid for the neonatology components of the postgraduate paediatric examinations (including MRCP or DCH). It will also serve as a useful reference text for other professionals, both trainees and qualified, who are involved in the care of both well and sick newborns. We are thankful to our colleagues for reading through various topics, in particular Dr R.Danha who read through most of the topics and was a source of great encouragement. Also our sincere appreciation to Tracey Fantham whose secretarial assistance made this book possible. Finally, we are especially thankful to the staff at BIOS for their helpful guidance from the outset, and their enduring patience despite the many broken deadlines. We dedicate the book to our own ‘ex-prems’ Francesca, Grace and Henry.

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