Larsen’s Human Embryology 5th Edition PDF

Larsen’s Human Embryology 5th Edition PDF Free Download

Larsen's Human Embryology 5th Edition PDF

The fifth edition of Larsen’s Human Embryology, like the fourth edition, has been extensively revised. • The number of chapters has been expanded from eighteen to twenty. This was done to organize the material better and to incorporate new information efficiently and logically. • The text was heavily edited to increase clarity and avoid ambiguity, to improve accuracy, and to include many new scientific and medical advances since the last edition. • Building on the success of the section called “Clinical Tasters,” which was added in the fourth edition to introduce the clinical relevance of the material covered in each chapter, we added a new section—called “Embryology in Practice”—to close each chapter. The title of this section is a bit of a play on words; practice refers to both clinical practice and a chance for the reader to practice being a clinician and to use the material presented in the text to “walk through” a clinical scenario. As with the “Clinical Tasters,” the “Embryology in Practice” section focuses on the impact of birth defects on the lives of children and their families. Although fictitious scenarios, they reflect reallife stories encountered in clinical practice with real problems that patients and their families face. • Many new illustrations have been added; these additions reflect research advances and their clinical relevance. Many previous illustrations were thoroughly revised to facilitate student understanding. Although admittedly biased, we believe that the fifth edition of Larsen’s Human Embryology contains the best compilation in any one textbook of illustrations on human three-dimensional descriptive embryology, animal model experimental embryology, and human birth defects. • About fifty full-color animations have been linked directly to relevant sections of the text. These help the student understand not only the three-dimensional structure of human embryos, but also their fourdimensional structure as its complexity morphs and increases over time. • As with the fourth edition, new Content Experts have been chosen to partner with the authors in producing the fifth edition of Larsen’s Human Embryology. More than fifty new Content Experts are listed.

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