Mader’s Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology 7th Edition PDF

Mader’s Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology 7th Edition PDF Free Download

Mader’s Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology 7th Edition PDF

With this seventh edition, I’m once again working on a project that I love, and one that seeks to continue to develop and expand upon a text by Dr. Sylvia Mader. I have been privileged and honored to be entrusted with Mader’s Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology. Sylvia and I share the same vision for the book: one that is creative, informative, accurate, and most important, relevant to today’s students. This book is designed to appeal to a wide audience, from students in pre-nursing and allied health fields, to nonscience majors who want a clear and concise explanation about how their bodies work. It’s my goal to capture the reader’s interest right away, and keep that reader’s attention as he or she learns something new about how we humans work. Mader’s Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology remains the perfect text for a one-semester course. Each chapter beings with a short introduction that seeks to immediately seize attention, and then draw the reader into a more complete exploration. For example, the introductory topic for chapter 8 on the nervous system describes the cause for “brain-freeze,” the piercing headache that everyone has likely experienced while eating something very cold.
Historical anecdotes, such as the story of Henrietta Lacks that begins chapter 4, will also intrigue the reader. Next, chapter objectives are carefully constructed to be achievable to students who have no prior training in anatomy and physiology. Each chapter is enriched with many real-world clinical applications to engage curiosity. Throughout the text, “Content Check-Ups” allow the reader to test comprehension before continuing on to a new section. “Begin Thinking Clinically” is a new feature that fosters critical thinking skills. Each “Begin Thinking Clinically” question asks the reader to conduct further investigation into the chapter’s subject matter. A great deal of thought and attention has gone into the conclusion of each chapter. Basic and applied medical terminology exercises help to build a working vocabulary, thus facilitating comprehension and increasing student confidence. Chapter summaries and study questions can be used as a checklist to ensure that important concepts are well understood. Finally, the student can “take the test,” using the Study Questions to craft a short essay, followed by Learning Objective Questions that replicate short answer quiz questions (matching, true-false, multiple choice, and the like).

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