Miller’s Anesthesia 2-Volume Set 8th Edition PDF

Miller’s Anesthesia 2-Volume Set 8th Edition PDF Free Download

Miller's Anesthesia 2-Volume Set 8th Edition PDF

For more than 30 years Miller’s Anesthesia has been recognized as the most complete and thorough resource on the global scope and practice of contemporary anesthesiology. It is used worldwide and has been translated into several languages. Since the publication of the seventh edition in 2010, the associate editors, the Elsevier publishing staff, and I have had many conversations regarding the eighth edition and how we could ensure that Miller’s Anesthesia continued to rank as the most influential and comprehensive text on our specialty in the world. Together we gathered information from various sources and solicited comments from colleagues worldwide to evaluate the seventh edition’s content. We carefully updated each chapter and introduced new chapters with topics that represent the changes and current information in anesthesiology as it evolved over the past 5 years. The results of these deliberations are presented in the pages that follow. The eighth edition of Miller’s Anesthesia has several new chapters that have been created in one of two ways— either by introducing topics that have grown in importance since the publication of the previous edition or by dividing a very large chapter into two smaller ones. Ten of the chapters cover topics new to this edition, such as “Perioperative and Anesthesia Neurotoxicity” (Chapter 15), “Gastrointenstinal Physiology and Pathophysiology” (Chapter 21), and “Palliative Medicine” (Chapter 65). Historically, anesthesia has been dominated by intraoperative care. Over many years, the preoperative and postoperative periods of perioperative care have become more prominent. This development is evident in the names of our institutions as more and more anesthesia departments have changed their titles to better reflect both anesthesia and perioperative care. Accordingly, the chapters “Perioperative Management” (Chapter 3) and “Anesthesia Business Models” (Chapter 12) were included. Developments in pharmacology have necessitated a new chapter, “Nonopioid Pain Medications” (Chapter 32). Because transplantation of various organs continues to expand, “Anesthesia for Organ Procurement” (Chapter 75) has been added.

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