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Molecular Biology 3rd Edition PDF Free Download
Molecular Biology 3rd Edition PDF

The last few decades have seen major advances in both biology and information technology. Indeed, processing the vast amounts of genetic data generated depends on advanced computer technology. This book reflects this massive surge in understanding the molecular foundations of genetics. Today we know that genes are much more than the abstract entities proposed over a century ago by Mendel. Genes are segments of DNA molecules, carrying encoded information. Indeed, genes have now become chemical reagents, to be manipulated in the test tube and, more recently, even in living organisms. Over the next half century our understanding of how living organisms function at the molecular level, together with our ability to intervene, will expand in ways we are only just beginning to perceive. In particular, this will have a major impact in the area of health. Many people are now having their own genomes partly or fully sequenced and it is becoming possible to tailor clinical treatment individually by using the genetic data of individual patients, an area known as personal genomics. Nonetheless, because molecular biology illuminates an ever-widening array of topics, we have avoided overdoing detail in favor of wider coverage. Molecular biology applies to far more than just health care and has greatly impacted other areas such as agriculture, animal behavior, evolution, and microbiology. This book is intended for upper division students in a variety of biological disciplines. In particular it is aimed at final year undergraduates and beginning graduate students. This book does not attempt to be exhaustive in its coverage. There is a companion volume, entitled “Biotechnology,” that emphasizes the more practical aspects of modern genetics. Together we hope that both books effectively survey the foundations and applications of modern molecular genetics. Some students who are using this book will already be well grounded in molecular biology, due to having taken courses in genetics, biochemistry, and cell biology. However, others will not be so well prepared, due to the continued influx into molecular biology of students from biology programs that are not molecular in their orientation. For them we have tried to create a book whose early chapters cover the basics before launching out into the depths.

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Hardcover: 1016 pages
3 edition (December 11, 2018)
Language: English

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