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Orthopedic Management of the Hip and Pelvis PDF

Orthopedic Management of the Hip and Pelvis is a timely and much-needed compilation of the best available evidence-based management strategies for patients with hip and pelvic disorders. The editorial team, as well as the contributing authors, consist of well-know clinicians and researchers at both the national and international levels on the topic of management of hip and pelvis musculoskeletal disorders. The text starts with a chapter that delves into the details of the complex anatomy and kinesiology of the pelvis and hip region. This chapter includes numerous colorful Netter images that capture the essence of human anatomy. The next chapter discusses the subjective and physical examination and educates the reader not only on potential sinister pathologies that may mimic as musculoskeletal pain but also on the essential items from the patient history. In addition, this chapter covers the physical examination components and the psychometric properties that will greatly assist the clinician in identifying an accurate differential diagnosis.
The remainder of the text is nicely divided into chapters that discuss potential diagnoses. These chapters examine pathologies likely to be encountered by any health care provider dealing with hip and pelvic pain, including extraarticular hip pathologies, hip labral tears/femoral acetabular impingement, sports hernia and abdominal injuries, the arthritic hip, the pediatric hip, the dancer’s hip, the female hip and pelvis, lumbopelvic region, and traumatic injuries. Each condition is examined in extensive detail regarding the typical client presentation, common mechanisms for the injury, and details about the best available conservative management strategies and appropriate surgical procedures with postoperative rehabilitation protocols. Seldom does a text delve into both conservative and surgical management with postoperative recommendations, which is just another highlight for this text.

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