Oxford Handbook of General Practice Free PDF Download 4th Edition 2014


Fully revised to reflect the new changes in the GP contract and the GP curriculum, this fourth edition of the Oxford Handbook of General Practice is a practical guide to all aspects of general practice. from vital clinical information to valuable practical guidance from experienced GPs. This is the essential guide for all those who work in general practice.

This manual, which comprehensively covers everything a doctor needs to work or administer the practice of general medicine, ensures that readers are always up to date with the latest guidelines, the most recent protocols and cutting-edge clinical information. With concise and dotted information, the chapters are now color coded to ensure that the reader can find vital emergency or clinical information without delay.

Fully illustrated and with more figures, diagrams, administration tables and tables to improve ease of reference, the reader will always have the vital information you need at your fingertips.

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