Pharmacology and Physiology for Anesthesia 2nd Edition PDF download

Pharmacology and Physiology for Anesthesia 2nd Edition PDF Free Download
Pharmacology and Physiology for Anesthesia 2nd Edition PDF

We are delighted to present the updated and revised Second Edition of Pharmacology and Physiology for Anesthesia: Foundations and Clinical Application. Like its predecessor, this new edition’s primary aim is to bridge the gap between introductory texts and compre-hensive reference books by providing an in-depth overview of pharmacology and physiology for anesthesiology, intensive care, and pain medicine specialists, whether in training or practicing. The topics are chosen to cover fundamentals included in training and recertification examinations by bridging scientific principles and clinical practice. The Second Edition has been thoroughly updated. Each revised chapter includes the latest advances in clinical science along with relevant, novel basic science discoveries. Hundreds of new segments, figures, and references have been added to provide essential informa-tion for trainees and practicing anesthetists alike. This thoroughly revised edition includes extensive new content. New chapters on special populations (e.g., anesthetic pharmacology in obesity, geriatrics, and pediatrics), oral and non-intravenous opioids, thermoregulation, physiology and pharmacology of obstetric anesthesia, chemotherapeutic and immunosuppressive drugs, and surgical infection and antimicrobial drugs were commissioned and written by recognized experts in these fields. Two entirely new features have been incorporated into the Second Edition to provide essential basic information in relevant areas of physics, anatomy, and imaging. The Physics sections, edited
by Dr. Kai Kuck, review essential physics and engineering concepts important in anesthesia practice. The Anatomy and Imaging sections, edited by Dr. Jeffrey D. Swenson, outline practical anatomic and imaging concepts that are now indispensable in modern anesthesia. Interspersed throughout the book, these new sections are beautifully and copiously illustrated. The Second Edition also benefits from all the enhancements that are part of the “Expert Consult” platform at Elsevier, including the “eBook” feature that enables portability and searchability on most common electronic devices; the book’s full text and all the other assets are available anywhere on your mobile device. Shareable social media features also augment the Second Edition’s utility. We are grateful to the authors for their contributions to the Second Edition; their high-level knowledge and expertise are evident throughout. We also express our appreciation to the dedicated professionals at Elsevier; special thanks are due to Sarah Barth, William Schmitt, Joan Ryan, and Sharon Corell for their collective experience and hard work.

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Hardcover: 994 pages
2 edition (7 Dec. 2018)
Language: English

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