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Phototherapy Treatment Protocols 3rd Edition PDF

The treatment of psoriasis has evolved dramatically since the last edition. The introduction of tumor necrosis factor inhibitors revolutionized the treatment of psoriasis. Then came an interleukin-12/interleukin-23 inhibitor that only requires one injection every 3 months, about equal in efficacy to the strongest of the tumor necrosis factor inhibitors. And now, in interleukin-17 inhibitors, we have even more potent treatments. Moreover, the safety of these new systemic treatments knocks the socks off the former gold-standard systemic treatments of the past, methotrexate and cyclosporine. But biologics are expensive and should only be used in patients who need them. For patients with psoriasis or other diseases that can be effectively treated with phototherapy, biologics may not be required. In an era of constantly increasing focus on reducing the cost of disease management, phototherapy— which has fallen to the side in the wake of biologic excitement—may be poised for resurgence. The array of phototherapy options—from whole body and targeted phototherapy in the office to home phototherapy—remain a valuable, effective, safe, and cost-effective way to manage a host of skin conditions. We hope this manual helps give you the tools you need to make phototherapy more accessible to your patients.
The basic premise concerning the therapeutic option of phototherapy remains the same for the second edition as with our first edition. The first sentence of the introduction to the first edition reads: “The availability of phototherapy in a dermatology practice enables the practitioner to provide a broader range of therapeutic options.” I encourage the persons utilizing the protocols contained in this book to read through the Introduction to the First Edition to enable them to have a better understanding of the application of therapeutic ultraviolet light therapy for inflammatory diseases. The continued modifications of protocols, although minimal in most circumstances, demonstrate the ongoing refinement of ultraviolet light delivery to maintain therapeutic efficacy while minimizing possible side effects.

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