Physics for Diagnostic Radiology 3rd Edition PDF

Physics for Diagnostic Radiology 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Physics for Diagnostic Radiology 3rd Edition PDF

The first edition of this book, published in 1987, was written in response to a rapid development in the range of imaging techniques available to the diagnostic radiologist over the previous 20 years and a marked increase in the sophistication of imaging equipment. There was a clear need for a textbook that would explain the underlying physical principles of all the relevant imaging techniques at the appropriate level. Since that time, there have been major developments in imaging techniques and the physical principles behind them. Some of these were addressed in the second edition, published in 1999, notably the much greater importance attached to patient doses, the increasingly widespread use of digital radiography, the importance of both patient dose and image quality in mammography, the increasing awareness of the need to protect staff and related legislation. The chapters on ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) were completely rewritten.
The past decade has seen yet more advances, and parts of the second edition are no longer ‘state of the art’. In this third edition all the chapters have been revised and brought up-to-date, with major additions in the following areas:
• The image receptor—new material on digital receptors
• The radiological image—emphasising the differences between analogue and digital images
• Computed tomography—multi-slice CT and three-dimensional resolution, dual energy applications, cone beam CT
• Special radiographic techniques—especially subtraction techniques and interventional radiology
• Positron emission tomography—a new chapter including aspects of multi-modality imaging (PET/CT)
• Radiation doses and risks to patients
• Data handling in radiology—a new chapter covering picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), teleradiology, networks, archiving and related factors

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