Pocket Atlas of Tongue Diagnosis 2nd Edition PDF download

Pocket Atlas of Tongue Diagnosis 2nd Edition PDF Free Download
Pocket Atlas of Tongue Diagnosis 2nd Edition PDF

Our practical experience over the last years supports the claim that tongue diagnosis Is one of the most important diagnostic elements employed In Chinese medicine. Moreover, our experience amfmns that tongue evaluation complements the established methods of modem Western diagnosis by enhancing the clinical information of the practitioner, to the effect of a holistic understanding of the Individual human being. For the expert it is amazing to observe how the tongue reflects the inner organs and their modifications caused by physiologicatlnnuences and pathological dysfunctions. The correct assessment of the tongue starts between practitioner and patient-the two pillars of healing arts over thousands of years-and focuses on the patient as an IndividuaL By taking established Western diagnostics into account as well , the practitioner is able to achieve an encompas sing diagnosis and therapy. The overaU success and the friendly reception of the first English edition of the Pocket Atlas of Tongue Diagnosis on the international market shows the actual need for such a book. The second edition includes updates of illustrations and corrections throughout the text and presents the full material with an improved layout. “Your eyes shall be your professorsi~Theopbrastus Paracelsus (1493-1541) J. W. Goethe, German wrill!r, poet, and natural scientist of the 18th and early 19th century, once remarked: “‘he most difflCUit job is to recognize what is exposed in front of your eyes.~ What he meant was that you must know and understand the subject and its background thoroughly before you can explain it properly. Without this knowledge and understanding it is impossible to describe something accurately or even to see it at all As far as tongue diagnosis is concerned this requires understanding human anatomy, physiology, and embryology, as well as Chinese medicine. The human tongue undergoes constant change. It reflects every modification within the organism, as well as in the environment We do, therefore, encourage the reader to inspect her or his tongue several times a day in order to well distinguish its body, its coating, its consistency, and the continuous changes involved.

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Paperback: 312 pages
2nd edition edition (January 26, 2011)
Language: English

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