Pocket Tutor Surface Anatomy PDF

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Pocket Tutor Surface Anatomy PDF

A good knowledge of surface anatomy forms an essential part of safe and effective clinical practice for many healthcare specialities. When writing Pocket Tutor Surface Anatomy we took the broad view that surface anatomy includes clinically-relevant anatomy that can be located, related to, easily accessed or viewed via the surface of the body. With this in mind this book includes reference to movements, cutaneous innervation, referred pain, surgical/anaesthetic access and clinical conditions. Throughout the book surface anatomy has been related to clinical practice, procedures and radiographs in order to provide context and aid understanding. Indeed, it is our view that surface anatomy is key to understanding and interpreting normal anatomy on medical images.
Clear descriptions of location, appearance, reference landmarks and relationships are supported by a series of high quality overlaid images and tables. Chapter 1 introduces the principles of surface anatomy and overviews core anatomical terminology, palpation technique, movements and cutaneous innervation. Subsequent chapters (2-8) then review each main anatomical region in turn. The book will be of benefit to students in anatomical, medical and healthcare disciplines and also to those in clinical practice, for example foundation doctors or surgical trainees. It can be used as a quick reference whilst in the clinic or teaching, but is equally adept at supporting more in-depth learning or revision. We have designed the book to either support current clinical anatomy courses and texts, or to be used as a stand-alone text. The best way to learn surface anatomy is to get ‘hands-on’ with yourself, colleagues and patients. We hope this book serves as a useful and stimulating introduction.

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