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Practical Gynaecological Ultrasound 2nd Edition PDF


Ultrasound is one of the most important and primary diagnostic tools in gynaecology. Its use continues to increase, and it is now an essential part of the diagnostic process in examining the female pelvis. The increasingly complex technology, whilst producing images of greater detail and diagnostic value, requires a more comprehensive knowledge of ultrasound scanning than ever before. Practitioners must be aware of pitfalls and diagnostic dilemmas, and must knowhowto produce the best images possible within the capabilities and limitations of their equipment. Our understanding of physiology and pathological processes and the increasingly successful and minimallyinvasivetreatmentoptionshavecarvedan important niche for the gynaecological ultrasound practitioner. This text aims to provide both a reference for more experienced ultrasound practitioners and a guide and teaching aid for students of ultrasound. Experts from various fields of gynaecology have contributed to the book, to achieve a comprehensive, well-informed and up-to-date project.
The book incorporates both the normal and abnormal pelvis, illustrated with diagrams and highquality images, together with an emphasis on the role of the scan within the patient’s management. It incorporates the latest thinking and practice in various fields, including the acute pelvis, infertility diagnosis and treatment and patient management. The special considerations of the paediatric pelvis merit a separate chapter. Students will find sections on howto make the most of equipment and scanning techniques, in order to maximise the diagnostic potential of their scan. It has often been said that the greatest hazard of ultrasound is that of the untrained operator. No mere text can be a substitute for practical experience and good training, but this book aims to assist the student in understanding ultrasound and the gynaecological patient. I hope it will also provide the more experienced ultrasound practitioner with an easily accessible and comprehensive reference. The nature of medical ultrasound is such that developments rapidly outstrip publications. I hope this book will forma basic and enduring foundation which will foster best practice and encourage practitioners to develop their knowledge and skills.

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