Rapid Review Pathology 5th Edition PDF download

Rapid Review Pathology 5th Edition PDF Free Download
Rapid Review Pathology 5th Edition PDF

Writing a new edition of a book provides an opportunity to update information about disease processes and to improve upon previous editions based on feedback from colleagues and medical students. In addition to updating information on all disease processes, in this edition I summarize important anatomy, histology, and/or embryology in an overview section at the beginning of Chapters 18 to 23, 25, and 26. Because integration is important in understanding disease processes, physical diagnosis, epidemiology, pathophysiology, clinical findings, laboratory tests, and radiographic findings are discussed for the clinical disorders in the systemic pathology part of the book. Infectious diseases for each system are thoroughly discussed in extensive tables. This provides students with a “big picture” of each clinical disorder. Pediatric and geriatric disorders are also discussed throughout the book. An up-to-date Ferri’s Clinical Advisor is recommended for treatment of the various clinical disorders. Because quality pictures and schematics of disease processes are important for understanding and passing board examinations (Steps 1 and 2), there are more than 1100 figures in the text. Arrows and circles are used extensively to show exactly where the pathology is located in the photograph. Many of the photographs are grouped together in collages or as separate photographs at the top of the page. Because figures take up a considerable amount of space, an additional 1800+ figures can be found as Links, located on Student Consult. In electronic versions of the text, clicking on a Link will bring the reader to the figure. In hardcopy versions of the book, students must access Student Consult to see the Links. Thousands of Margin Notes that briefly summarize important facts have been added to this new edition. These are excellent for a quick overview of key facts in the chapter. Five hundred board-quality questions and discussions covering all pertinent subjects throughout the book are also available on Student Consult. To activate your Student Consult version, see the PIN page on the inside front cover of the book and follow the instructions to activate your PIN. Access to this site is required for locating corrections in the book, questions, and other activities.

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