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Ready Reckoner for Treatment in Pediatrics PDF

The Ready Reckoner for the Treatment in Pediatrics is written with the idea of providing a concise handbook for a practitioner who, when confronted with a patient whose diagnosis has been made, will have at his fingertips all that he needs to know to manage his patient. At the galloping rate of science today, it may not be possible for a busy practitioner to keep himself abreast with all the new developments taking place around him. At the same time, due to increase in the medico-legal problems faced by practitioners, one can never be in position of compromise. This book has attempted to provide easy-to-follow guidelines, including a brief overview of the etiology and pathogenesis, and protocols for management, including the current investigations available for each condition, and the latest treatment modalities to be followed.
I have extensively researched the materials available, including online sites to get the latest updates for each chapter, at the time of publication. Easy-to-follow diagrams, flowcharts and pictures make it convenient for the practitioner to follow his case. I have also included requirements related to immunization, patient education and follow-up requirements that the practitioner needs to address, as related to each disease condition. The chapters are listed in alphabetical order for easy reference. I recommend a quick look at the chapters of this book, while treating patients in a busy OPD.

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