Review of Ophthalmology 2nd Edition PDF

Developing an effective textbook that can be used in preparation for written examinations has been a labor of love. We have enjoyed building and designing this book in a way that provides the maximum amount of information in a concise and clear manner. Based on your feedback and reviews, we know we are delivering a text book that can provide the essential information for a comprehensive understanding of each topic, as well as covers the esoteric topics that often appear on tests. We have also updated the material in each chapter to stay current with new information. The overall goal and layout of Review of Ophthalmology has remained the same. The book is organized into 11 clearly divided chapters which cover the essential topics that ophthalmologists are required to master. We have also included sidebars that focus on the core knowledge base, as well as the results from important clinical trials. New medical and surgical treatments have also been included in the new edition. At the end of each chapter, we have developed additional multiple choice questions that are designed to test your knowledge and to help you prepare for future examinations. We hope that the improvements and new material contained in this edition will strengthen your review experience, and we wish you success in your future careers.

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