SRB’s Manual of Surgery 6th Edition PDFdownload

SRB’s Manual of Surgery 6th Edition PDF Free Download
SRB's Manual of Surgery 6th Edition PDF

A. Wounds and Wound Healing
One having a wound in his eyebrow. An ailment which I will treat. Treatment (of a wound in the eyebrow): Now afterthou hast stitched it (thou shouldst bind) fresh meat upon (it) the first day. If thou findest that the stitching of this wound is loose, thou shouldst draw it together for him with two stnps (of plaster), and thou shouldst treat it with grease and honey eve!), day until he recovers. —innonymousl, circa 2500 BC
@II APTER OUTLINE – It is incised, clean, healthy wound without any tissue loss • Usually primary suturing is done Healing is by primary 10. Wounds Degloving Injuries intention. so. Classification of Wounds • Scar b. Untidy wounds • Wound Healing Keloid They are due to Crushing. Tearing. Avulsion. Devitalised •• Compartment Syndrome ► Hypedrophic Scar injury, Vascular injury. Multiple irregular wounds, Burns. •■ Crush Injury a Problems with Wound – Fracture of the underlying bone may be present. 02. Crush Syndrome Healing Wound dehiscence, infection, delayed healing are common.
WOUNDS [Wound Definition A wound is a break in the integrity of the skin or tissues open. which may be associated with disruption of the structure and function. Wound is simply a disruption of any tissues—soft tissue or bone or internal organs. Ulcer is disruption or break in the continuity of any lining—may be skin, mucous membrane or others. Ulcer is one of the types of wounds
I. Rank and Wakefield classification a Tidy wounds – They are wounds like surgical incisions and wounds caused by sharp objects.
– Liberal excision of devitalised tissue and allowing to heal by secondary intention is the management. – Secondary suturing. skin graft or flap may be needed.

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