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This book is written primarily for undergraduates it would also be useful for post-graduate students of Community Medicine. Considering an ever increasing demand for a comprehensive book on community medicine, an attempt has been made to make this book student-friendly, teacher friendly, examiner friendly and doctor friendly.


This book is student-friendly because it is written in an understandable way, covering the entire syllabus prescribed by MCI, including the recent advances. The matter is presented in such a way as to avoid confusion and to make the reading of the book a pleasurable experience. Topics like biostatistics would encourage the students to take up the research activities.

The lucid language of the book would facilitate quick revision. This book is teacher friendly because they may appreciate the presentation of the subject matter exhaustively and clearly, having tentacles attached to various other branches of medicine such as obstetrics, pediatrics, dermatology, psychiatry and general medicine, in order to conform to the changing profile of community medicine.

This book is examiner friendly because it covers the vast areas of the subject to enable asking questions vertically, horizontally and tangentially. This book is doctor-friendly because it would help the general practitioners and the rural medical officers in providing not only curative services, but also preventive and promotive services to the community at large, motivating them to a healthier, and happier life.

Table of Content

Below is the table of contents present Community Medicine with Recent Advances 3rd Edition PDF.

Preliminary Pages

Chapter-01  Introduction to Community Medicine
Chapter-02  Concept of Health

Chapter-03  Concept of Disease
Chapter-04  Concept of Prevention
Chapter-05  Water 
Chapter-06  Air and Ventilation
Chapter-07  Noise 
Chapter-08  Light
Chapter-09  Radiation
Chapter-10  Housing
Chapter-11  Meteorology
Chapter-12  Disposal of Wastes
Chapter-13  Management of Hospital Waste
Chapter-14  Medical Entomology
Chapter-15  Nutrition and Health
Chapter-16  Occupational Health
Chapter-17  Principles and Practice of Epidemiology
Chapter-18  Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Chapter-19  Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases
Chapter-20  Epidemiology of Noncommunicable Diseases and Accidents
Chapter-21  Soil-Borne Diseases
Chapter-22  Vector-Borne Diseases
Chapter-23  Sexually Transmitted Infections
Chapter-24  HIV/AIDS
Chapter-25  Surface Infections
Chapter-26  Cardiovascular Diseases
Chapter-27  Obesity 
Chapter-28  Cancer
Chapter-29  Diabetes Mellitus
Chapter-30  Accidents
Chapter-31  Blindness
Chapter-32  Reproductive and Child Health
Chapter-33  Demography
Chapter-34  Family Planning
Chapter-35  Bio-statistics
Chapter-36  Social science
Chapter-37  Information, Education and Communication
Chapter-38  Human Genetics
Chapter-39  Preventive Geriatrics
Chapter-40  Mental Health
Chapter-41  Adolescent Health
Chapter-42  Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
Chapter-43  Health for All
Chapter-44  Health Care
Chapter-45  National Rural Health Mission—2005-2012
Chapter-46  Health Planning and Management
Chapter-47  National Health Planning 
Chapter-48  National Health Policy
Chapter-49  National Voluntary Health Agencies Organizations
Chapter-50  International Health Organizations
Chapter-51  Bilateral Agencies
Chapter-52  National Health Programs (NHPs)
Chapter-53  Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases
Chapter-54  Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
Chapter-55  Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
Chapter-56  Disaster Management 0.07 MB 813-817
Chapter-57  Integrated Diseases Surveillance Project (IDSP): 2004-09
Chapter-58  Bioterrorism
Chapter-59  Public Health Acts
Chapter-60  Annexures

Suryakantha Community Medicine PDF Download

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