Visual Tracking in Conventional Minimally Invasive Surgery PDF

Visual Tracking in Conventional Minimally Invasive Surgery PDF Free Download

Visual Tracking in Conventional Minimally Invasive Surgery PDF

Conventional minimally invasive surgery, which includes laparoscopic surgery, has become commonplace in repairing or replacing tissues and organs within the cavity of the body. This is done by making small incisions, through which an endoscope and long surgical tools are fed in order to reach the inside of the body cavity. By viewing images of the surgical scene on a monitor, the surgeon is able to perform various surgical procedures. The basis of this conventional surgical procedure, which has remained unchanged, is being practiced all over the globe, from the richest nations to the less privileged ones. The procedure is generally performed by one main surgeon and an assistant surgeon, who is responsible for holding and navigating the endoscope. To master this type of surgical procedure one needs to have a certain degree of hand–eye coordination and dexterity.
This level of expertise can usually be gained through various virtual or physical training environments. Over the past few years, various degrees of automation have also been introduced in order to assist the surgeon in performing such operations. These can range from a full telerobotic setup to the more conventional designs of surgeon–computer interfaces. The key aspects of developing automation can range from the capability of visually tracking the surgical tools during the operation or training period to tracking a specific landmark located on the surgical scene. These tracking capabilities are particularly important for conventional surgical cases in which economic factors prohibit health providers from deploying telerobotic surgical systems. As such, any automation during the surgical procedure must be done through the image processing of the surgical scene obtained through an endoscope, which is the theme of this book.


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