A Kubernetes Guide on How and Where to Learn and Certify

When it comes to talking about containers and orchestration system kubernetes is on top of the talk. It’s basically reshaping the way in which software is design and development. As far as stats tell us it is leading the container world. we have said so much, for now, let’s get the party started.

What is kubernetes:

kubernetes k8s is developed by Google and for now, maintained by cloud-native computing of parent organization Linux foundation. An open source computing which held responsible for automating container operation i.e designing development scaling operations.

How it came to exist?

Its the container that exists before kubernetes. Containers are the new way to develop and maintain the software. It’s the same container we think of has all the stuff pack in one unit, includes libraries and dependencies.
When the software world become more distributed, relying on cloud computing, monolithic application converting to microservices. These microservices enabling a user to scale individual functions more easily. There are tools Docker Container, Mesos, and AWS ECS enabling users to deploy microservices more easily. As of handling the vast number of users application get more complex a need to run multiple containers, decide which container to run when, how they communicate with storage, Doing manually will be exhausting.

This problem gives birth to kubernetes.

Orchestration system before kubernetes?

Docker is used to running a software bundle called containers. It also has a platform named docker swarm. It has the same workaround, but bound to work with docker and kubernetes is tend to adopt the generalized model of the container.
Things kubernetes can do
Management of cluster of container
Tools to deploy microservices or application to a cluster
Scaling application up or down when needed
Managing or optimizing the use of hardware beneath your container

As this article has given you a broader look at what is kubernetes and how it works let explore the resources.

Kubernetes official documentation:

Cloud Providers:

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service
Baidu Cloud Container Engine

Must read a book:


Alas! if you are really into container thing and want to become a certified kubernetes application developer.
Best certification is CKAD & CKA (Certified Kubernetes Application Developer & Certified Kubernetes Administrator) by CNCF( Cloud Native Computing Foundation)
CKA: https://www.cncf.io/certification/cka/
CKAD: https://www.cncf.io/certification/ckad/

Regular price is 300 dollar, but if you are the student you can email them at [email protected] with the photo of student ID card to get 150$ discount

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