Building Blocks of an Engineering Career

Everyone’s response when a student says that “he likes to build…” or “he wants to build (blank) when he grows up?” Would your initial acknowledgment be to tell the student about engineering? The matter is, lots of people don’t connect engineering to these types of teachable stages. It’s a hidden opportunity to announce students to …

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Top 5 books on Javascript

Introduction In this article, I will show the top 5 JavaScript books that I think are the most valuable in my opinion. What is JavaScript and why should you learn it? javascript was originally designed for the strictly client-side application that’s why it was only used to manipulate DOM nodes. But now it is known …

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Blockchain and Islamic banking

blockchain and islamic banking

Before going blockchain and Islamic banking lets get started what are both Blockchain Blockchain comprises of two-word block and chain that means there are chains of block and block is make-up of transaction records made in any of cryptocurrencies and existing in several computers that is in peer to peer connection. Islamic Banking Islamic banking, …

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