A Manual On Clinical Surgery 13th Edition PDF download

A Manual On Clinical Surgery 13th Edition PDF Free Download
A Manual On Clinical Surgery 13th Edition PDF

In this chapter it will be narrated in brief, how to follow a patient from his arrival at the hospital or clinic upto his normal condition, i.e. after he has come round. It is a general scheme and applied to all patients whoever come to the surgeon. The student should learn this scheme and make it a reflex, so that he can apply this scheme to all his patients. Ultimately, this will become a habit in his professional career. This general scheme includes — (1) History taking; (2) Physical examination; (3) Special investigation; (4) Clinical Diagnosis;(5) Treatment — both medical and surgical; (6) Progress during postoperative period; (7) Follow-Up; (8) Termination. In the clinic, it is a good practice to start examining the patient when he walks into the room rather than to meet him undressed on a coach in a cubicle. It is helpful if the person, who accompanied the patient, remains by the side of the patient in the early part of the history-taking. He can provide valuable information about the type of injury the patient might have sustained, some details of the complaints or about changes in health or behaviour of the patient in the recent past.
1. Particulars of the patient.— Before interrogating about the complaints of the patient, it is a good practice to know the patient first. That means the following headings should be noted in the history-sheet : NAME.— It is very important to know the patient by name. The patients like to be asked by name, as for example, ‘Mr. Sirkar, how long are you having this problem?’ This will not only help to elicit the history properly, but also it will be of psychological benefit to the patient just before the operation and in postoperative period. The patient is assured that you know him by name.

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