Review of Radiology 3rd Edition PDF download

Review of Radiology 3rd Edition PDF Free Download
Review of Radiology 3rd Edition PDF

The IBQ section would definitely help the students in preparing for the different types of questions based in images expected to be asked in the examination. The online pool of questions is going to be a backbone for the preparation of IBQs in any examination not just for radiology but for other subjects too. Finally the Section-I) has a collection of important factual information of radiology including the investigations of choices, important systemic signs and important principles of radiology which might be helpful to solve questions from any clinical subject if understood rightly. How to Read this Book The best way to read this book is to read the theory given at the beginning of the chapter first and then solve the MCQs. The MCQs of a particular system are arranged randomly without mentioning the years. Absolute care has been taken to avoid repetition of the MCQs as lots of time is wasted in solving the same MCQ again and again. We want to stress on this fact that nowadays in the exams, same questions are not repeated but same topics are repeated and hence students are advised to focus more on the theoretical concepts rather than just MCQs. It is this reason that, deliberately years of the questions and superscript on important lines have not been put as we believe that each line written is a potential MCQ. We suggest that section A, C and 13 should be read together where section C should be read in associating with other clinical subjects like medicine, surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, gynecology-obstetrics as they are interlinked. We wish that our students will go through this book thoroughly and will do excellent in their examinations. Best wishes for your postgraduate medical entrance examination. Your queries and feedback will always be welcomed. You are free to contact at email: reviewofradiologye

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Review of Radiology 3rd Edition Free Download ,Review of Radiology 3rd Edition Ebook ,Review of Radiology 3rd Edition Free

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