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Considering the prevalence of anorectal diseases and developments in anorectal disorders, there are surprisingly few books on Anorectal Surgery. The goal of every good medical textbook is to teach excellence in medicine. This is the main purpose of this book Anorectal Surgery Made Easy—With DVD. This book specifically attempts to draw together all up-to-date strands of relevant information. Everything a trainee, practicing surgeon or proctologist needs to know. The book is written at a level appropriate for both medical students (Undergraduate and Postgraduate), Surgeons and Proctologists. The book is clearly set out in twenty-one chapters starting with History of Surgery and covers the whole spectrum of new frontiers in management of anorectal disorders. Sections describe the clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and treatment of each condition. Useful tables, pictures, tips, notes and caution warnings are included. The chapters themselves are comprehensive yet free of unnecessary detail. Only key references are included so that readability is not inhibited by overly dense text. This book will answer a lot of common questions and some odd ones that bring an interesting approach to managing patients with anorectal problems. Once you get started reading the book, you will learn to think in nontraditional ways, ways that will help you manage problems that might previously have been very hard for you to manage.
Discretion dictates, that I cannot credit individually those who have had an influence on my writing. In any case, great as viii Anorectal Surgery that influence has been, my first word of thanks goes to my entire family. I am indebted to my family who has, as always, given me the selfless support and far more encouragement than I deserve. Primary acknowledgment must go to the many dedicated scientists who have discovered the principles of surgery. The scientific literature acknowledges individual contributions, but textbooks cannot adequately pay such tribute. I am indebted to all these unnamed investigators. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed so generously their experience, and time, in order to produce this work. Not to forget my philosophers, teachers and guides, relatives, friends, staff, well wishers and last but not least my patients. I am confident that this textbook will enjoy wide recognition, and hope that it will become a reference work for proctologists around the globe.

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