At a Glance: Computer Science Vs Information Technology

At the same time, we are all expecting for the revolution (or for the zombies), it is an unquestionable fact that for now, the world relies on computers. Even if your passion is in Computer Science or Information Technology, the particular fields will retain to grow at a faster pace. Meanwhile, you’ll want to pick a career pathway that’s the right destination for you. Formally, the two major fields in this area–CS and IT–may all sounds like names of the same fields, but there are big differences between them.

Computer Science

Computer science is both computer hardware and software design. It covers as a whole the theoretical algorithms and the practical problems. It involves implementing with the help of computer software and hardware. The application of computer science has endless branches, which include artificial intelligence, software engineering, programming, and computer graphics. The necessity for computer science as a discipline has developed, as computers are playing an important role
in our daily lives and technology that lasts to advance.

Information Technology

Information Technology relates to many things. For particular, an IT department in a company. There are lots of people designated on more than one post and with diverse restraints. These restraints bound them from preserving systems and data secure, to keep networks up and running. you have met people who administer databases and bodies who do programming. The one but not the least the decision builders, such as Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), who determine how an IT department will engage and which factors will be acquired.

Aim of the Discussion

Basically what would really concern to you as a student is how far the course curriculum is distinctive? most of the top-notch institutes including all the IIIT’s and the NIT’s have either CS or IT but not both this apparently indicates that the difference between the two branches is not significant enough to warrant their presence on the campus. yet, those colleges or universities who offer both the CS and IT have a minimum difference in their course system.


Genuinely if you have to select from the domains CS or IT and have opportunities from both. It would be wise to take a decision on the basis of the reputation o the college or university rather than the particular domain. At last but important is what thrills you. The computer design and computing systems or fixing the info-management necessities of the institutions using computers.

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