Career Counseling and Why it is important?

We have to choose a career to pursue as soon as we reach a certain age. Nowadays the world of work is changing so rapidly that jobs have emerged which did not exist five or ten years ago, moreover majority of the people aren’t satisfied with their work life which ends up disturbing their life as a whole. The idea of sticking to a single job has been left to dust in the modern world of work. To efficiently tackle this situation career counseling is a must.

What is career counseling?

In general counseling refers to helping someone, guiding someone, giving moral support and finding solutions to the problem at hand. Usually this is done by a professional helping out who knows how to give the right decision by understanding the individual that he is helping. Career counseling basically focuses on which type of career should an individual pursue according to that individual’s thoughts, mindset, thinking and personality.

Why is career counseling important?

Look around you, how many people do you see that are actually happy with their work life and love doing what they do at work. That’s right majority of the people aren’t happy or satisfied with their work life. The reason being that all those people wanted to do some other stuff but ended up doing some other thing due to whatever reasons.  This is why career counseling is so important because it helps you pick the right career and it helps to remove career related frustrations.

Who needs career counseling and when?

According to many experts the right time to seek career counseling is during the ages 13 -17. This is because at these ages many changes are taking place in the life, both physical and emotional. It is also the time when decision relating to career is made. Career counseling helps young people understand the following:

  • The career options they have and how to pursue a particular career.
  • Helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses with regard to careers.
  • Gives them a platform to raise their voice and give opinions about careers.
  • Helps them gains the required confidence.

Whose responsibility is it to set up career counseling?

The main role in this regard is of the parents. Parents need to set up career counseling for their children when they reach a certain age, this will in turn help out both of them. Schools, teachers and youth development agencies should also set up career counseling for the students to help them get to the right decision.


Let’s conclude by saying that we should never ignore the importance of career counseling. All of the people should try to open their mind regarding career selection as it is one of the biggest decisions that one will make in his/her life. It will make your work life and your personal life a lot easier, so just go ahead and get your career counseling before you are counseled by your career. Meanwhile to understand and know more about career counseling here is a great book about career counseling.

Career Counseling: A Holistic Approach By Vernon G. Zunker

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