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In the European Union, about 25 new chemical preparations are approved annually for distribution as pharmaceutical products, approximately 10 of which are “innovative” drugs with a novel molecular mechanism of action. “New” is not always “better,” thus new drugs undergo evaluation of their beneficial effects to establish whether new substances reflect an actual therapeutic improvement compared to existing structures, therefore justifying a possible increase in costs to the collective of insured persons. The innovative strength of pharmaceutical manufacturers. licensing procedures, and the assessment of benefits, together form the basis for successful drug treatment, but the decisive factor is ultimately ensuring that individual patients have access to optimal “customized” treatment. This “therapeutic art” requires that pharmacological principles be understood, and not just memorized. The Color Atlas ofl’hannaco/ogy is intended to provide students of medicine, dental medicine, and pharmaceutics, as well as anyone with an interest in pharmaceuticals, with an overview of all the available information on pharmacological structures and their methods of action. Special emphasis is placed upon providing the information necessary to enable the reader to understand the principles of pharmacology. Purely factual information, fOr example, ondosages,caneasilybefoundwithanintemet search. However, in order to make sense of the facts. connections are explained in graphics, mechanisms of action are dearly depicted, and new drug substances are listed together with existing ones. Many plates and text passages have been fundamentally revised in this new edition, and three completely new double-page spreads have been added Modern specialized medications such as antibodies that fight malignant diseases and harmful infections, as well as kinase inhibitors. have been integrated into tabular overviews. The concept of Luellmann’s Color Atlos of Pharmacology recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Atlas was founded by Professor Heinz Luellmann in cooperation with Albrecht Ziegler, Klaus Mohr, and juergen Wirth. Professor Luellrnann passed away shortly before work on this new English edition was started. This edition is dedicated posthumously to his memory.

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