Nurse’s Pocket Guide Diagnoses Prioritized Interventions and Rationales 11th Edition PDF download

The American Nurses Association (ANA) Social Policy Statement of 1980 was the first to define nursing as the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual and potential health problems. This definition, when combined with the ANA Standards of Practice, has provided impetus and support for the use of nursing diagnosis. Defining nursing and its effect on client care supports the growing awareness that nursing care is a key factor in client survival and in the maintenance, rehabilitative, and preventive aspects of healthcare. Changes and new developments in healthcare delivery in the last decade have given rise to the need for a common framework of communication to ensure continuity of care for the client moving between multiple healthcare settings and providers. Evaluation and documentation of care are important parts of this process. This book is designed to aid the practitioner and student nurse in identifying interventions commonly associated with specific nursing diagnoses as proposed by NANDA International/ NANDA-I (formerly the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association). These interventions are the activities needed to implement and document care provided to the individual client and can be used in varied settings from acute to community/home care. Chapters 1 and 2 present brief discussions of the nursing process, data collection, and care plan construction. Chapter 3 contains the Diagnostic Divisions, Assessment Tool, a sample plan of care, mind map, and corresponding documentation/ charting examples. For more in-depth information and inclusive plans of care related to specific medical/psychiatric conditions (with rationale and the application of the diagnoses), the nurse is referred to the larger works, all published by the F.A. Davis Company: Nursing Care Plans Across the Life Span, ed. 7 (Doenges, Moorhouse, Geissler-Murr, 2006); Psychiatric Care Plans: Guidelines for Individualizing Care, ed. 3 (Doenges, Townsend, Moorhouse, 1998); and Maternal/Newborn Plans of Care: Guidelines for Individualizing Care, ed. 3 (Doenges,Moorhouse, 1999) with updated versions included on the CD-ROM provided with Nursing Care Plans.

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